TRIAL ATTORNEY Bolivar C. Porta provides premier representation for individual and corporate clients requiring litigation, personal attention and counsel focusing on Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, Domestic Violence, Family Law and Business litigation matters.  Bolivar C. Porta conducts reasonable and fair settlement negotiations which when successful will produce satisfactory case resolutions. Bolivar C. Porta successfully represents clients in Jury trials, Bench trials, and adversarial evidentiary hearings.  Bolivar C. Porta consistently obtains positive outcomes that could potentially affect your freedom, livelihood, driving privileges, equitable distribution of marital home and assets, spousal support, child custody & time-sharing, injunctive relief, and contractual rights.

Bolivar C. Porta’s general litigation practice couples personal attention to “high-stakes” cases.  Bolivar C. Porta strategically and closely counsels his clients and is personally available to organize case facts and formulate an accurate and appropriate litigation strategy. Bolivar C. Porta is well versed in representing numerous celebrity and foreign clients both as lead counsel and co-counsel. As a solo-practitioner, Bolivar C. Porta offers a wide range of legal and professional resources and is committed to devoting time and attention to the client and their case.  Bolivar C. Porta has an excellent professional reputation and has been awarded numerous successful verdicts in Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, Domestic Violence, Family Law and Civil/Business Litigation Cases for over twenty (20) years.