Professional Dedicated and Compassionate

After weeks of carefully Searching for an attorney I had the pleasure of Retaining Bolivar C. Porta as my legal Counsel in a Family Law Case. I felt I was always properly informed and he was always available when I needed him day or night. He was Compassionate and honest and made sure to obtain the best possible outcome in my situation. He went above and beyond at times and I am very grateful for that. If the need ever arose where I needed representation in the future Bolivar C. Porta would be my go to guy! Thanks again Bolivar C. Porta!

– Olga

Life Saver

I was suit in a civil case for a Lot of money. Bolivar C. Porta was fast easy nice effective cordial and very inexpensive. He got the settlement for a lot less than I even imagined. Thank You Bolivar C. Porta!

– Gustavo

Excellent Representation

Bolivar C. Porta had the unfortunate occasion to represent me twice and each time, he was professional, punctual, and delivered appropriate results. I would highly recommend him.

– Martha

Great Attorney!

From the moment we consulted with Bolivar C. Porta we knew he would be a great Attorney. He handled my family law case and my sister’s criminal case. He was attentive to our cases and knew the law like the back of his hand. He guided both of us through each of our cases and helped us understand the entire process. I was confident all the way through my case. Sure enough, I won my case and so did my sister!

He is a great Attorney with many years of experience, and he clearly knew what he was doing. I would recommend him to anyone seeking an experienced attorney who can represent them. My sister and I are both really happy with our Attorney.

– Erica Young

Great Legal Experience

Bolivar C. Porta was referred by a friend to work on a recent criminal case. He was very thorough (and successful) in the pursuit of the truth. During the course of trial preparation I was kept informed of everything going on (which put me at great ease) and was confident in his abilities. He has also been a great source of legal knowledge in other areas (asked recently about family legal issues) providing all options available for the best possible outcome. He is willing to make time to see and speak with you, and he’s at your disposal when necessary. I will definitely do as my friend did and refer Bolivar C. Porta for any further future legal issues.

– Laura G.

Me Bolivar Porta

Overall the experience was a very positive one. Bolivar C. Porta and his staff are very professional. He had put best interest always in mind. I would definitely recommend him and his staff!!!

– Leony

Great attorney

I retained the services of Bolivar C. Porta on several different legal matters over the past few years. Ok each occasion, he was extremely knowledgeable on the topics, very accessible, professional and delivered the results that I needed. I would recommend Bolivar C. Porta to anyone needing a good lawyer.

– Dominic

DETERMINED and professional with genuine compassion

I have consulted with Bolivar C. Porta on different issues regarding criminal defense and family law. His knowledge and professional advice has helped me to thoroughly understand my legal options and successfully navigate through a potentially devastating situation. I have confidently referred family and friends (assault with a deadly weapon charges; immigration; domestic violence) to Bolivar C. Porta knowing he would be their best defense. He successfully was. I recommend Bolivar C. Porta.

– Debora

Caring and compassionate

I have worked on two different legal issues with Bolivar C. Porta. I have known him for approximately one and a half years. From the beginning, he was a very professional, caring and involved which is what I needed. He made sure I was informed 100% every step of the way and he made sure I understood my options. He worked hard for me to reach my goals. He is also very good at interconnecting different lawyers for different issues, thus covering and protecting you in every way. I recommend Bolivar C. Porta wholeheartedly to anyone that needs legal help in his line of expertise.

– Mercedes

best lawyer in Miami

If I ever need a lawyer this is the man I call, his ability in the courtroom is second to none, in my trial he was more than able to show the jury the truth of my situation.

– David

Always there

Bolivar C. Porta has represented me in criminal and family court issues and has gone above and beyond at all times. He is very determined and goal oriented. he will tell you the truth not what you want to hear but will go out of his way to get the best results possible. I would recommend Bolivar C. Porta for any legal advise and representation.

– Tom